Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering & Science Technologies Field


Design program areas will provide students with the necessary technical and academic skills to research and create product models with features/functions that meet the needs of the customer, manufacturing, quality and the overall business.


Engineering Design
AC Electronic Circuits
DC Electronic Circuits
Industrial Robotics

College Credits

Introduction to Engineering - 1 Credit
Engineering Graphics- 3 Credits
DC Circuits - 3 Credits
Programmable Logic Controllers - 3 Credits
Safety(OAN ORE004) - 1 Credit

Possible Careers Include

  • Computer Aided Drafting Technician (CAD)
  • Engineer
  • Engineering Technician
  • Line Operator
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Quality Technician
  • Computer Numeric Control Technician (CNC)
  • Forming Machine Setter
  • Machine Tool Cutting Setter

Postsecondary Majors Include

  • Drafting and Design Technology
  • Engineering – Aeronautical/Aerospace, Electrical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Materials
  • Quality Control and Safety Technology
  • Robotics Technology
  • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist Technology Metallurgical Technology
  • Precision Metal Working
  • Tool and Die Technology

Skills Gained

  • Installing Micro850 Controllers
  • Wiring Micro850 Controllers and Power Supplies
  • Installing and Wiring Input and Output Devices to Micro 850
  • Establishing Ethernet/IP Communications
  • Programming Micro850 Controllers
  • Power up and jog FANUC robots
  • Recover from common program and FANUC robot faults
  • Execute production operations
  • Create, modify, and execute a material handling program
  • Monitor, force and simulate input and output signals

Industry-Recognized Credentials

  • Rockwell Automation - Allen Bradley PLC
  • FANUC - Handling Tool Operation & Programming J2P-31-IACT
  • ACU - Autodesk Inventor
  • OSHA - 10-Hour Training

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